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Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Hey this is Ben Bethea, your nightly host 7-11pm on Sun Radio and producer for Texas Radio Live! Tune in tonight April 15th from 6-8pm for a rebroadcast of the July 30th, 2014 edition with musical guests Hayes Carll and John Evans.

It’s been fun lately culling through and replaying some of the Texas Radio Live archives. I’ll be going through more of the archives in the coming weeks and would love to know if there is a Texas Radio Live performance that you would like to hear again? Email me ben@sunradio.com!

Texas Radio Live at Guero’s Taco Bar has garnered many incredible performances so far over it’s near 9 year run, and we hope to be back in the Guero’s Oak Garden as soon as possible to bring you more live local music.

Hear more of the archives every Wednesday from 6-8pm CT and more of the best music under the sun by streaming Sun Radio worldwide at SunRadio.com and on the free Sun Radio smartphone app for iPhone & Android.


Photo by: Bob Zink


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