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Sun Radio Recharge Awarded “Best of Austin” Best Radio Payout

Sun Radio Recharge Awarded “Best of Austin” Best Radio Payout

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Sun Radio’s Recharge Program was awarded “Best Radio Payout” in the Austin Chronicle’s 2021 “Best of Austin” awards. The honor was bestowed following Sun Radio’s ample efforts to give back to their Central Texas community following the crises of 2020-21.

“Hometown solar-powered frequency Sun Radio brought their own alternative energy to support the community over the past year. Their Recharge Program launched last spring to help cover electricity bills of Central Texas musicians and even other community radio stations, donating about $100,000 to help over 1,000 neighbors,” says the Austin Chronicle. “The program found purpose during the winter storm as well, paying out $50,000 in direct checks to aid the community. With more than a quarter-million dollars raised, Sun Radio is still ensuring Texas artists can keep the lights on and amps plugged in.”

In conjunction with these efforts, Sun Radio will be pledging another $20,000 towards the Recharge Program this summer to offer financial support to Central Texas musicians, roadies, and sound techs. More information on Sun Radio’s future giving efforts at sunradio.com/recharge.

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