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Sun Radio DJs

Sun Radio’s Disc Jockeys (DJs) are what separates Sun Radio from other radio. A cast of characters with a wealth of knowledge, with over 100 years experience.

Kevin Connor | Weekday Mornings 6-11am and “A Hill Country Saturday” 8-10am

A 30 year veteran of Austin radio, Kevin currently programs Sun Radio and can be heard weekday mornings 6-10am and on Saturdays 8-10am for “A Hill Country Saturday.” Previously, he hosted a Saturday music program on KUTX. For many years, he could be heard during Austin’s morning commute on KPEZ (Z-102,) K-96.7 (now KISS) and, most notably, for 16 years on KGSR in the Morning. Kevin also programmed ME Television and served as Chairman of the Austin Music Commission.

Suzanna Choffel | Middays 11am-3pm/”BYOV” (Bring Your Own Vinyl) Wednesdays 11am-3pm

Suzanna Choffel is a native Austinite and a part of the vibrant local music scene, cutting her teeth as a teen at Saxon Pub & Broken Spoke, then down in San Marcos during her college years. She studied music and recording, earning a BA in Music Technology at College of Santa Fe where she was part of weekly jam that included Ben Haggerty (now known as Macklemore). She began growing a steady local following at clubs like Momo’s, Antones & Cactus Cafe. Since then she has played SXSW, ACL Fest, has toured nationally & in Europe and even spent time on reality tv (NBC’s The Voice Season 3).

Growing up in Austin nurtured Suzanna’s love of local radio and the many DJ personalities that felt like friends constantly introducing her to new great music. It’s not surprising that she would find herself in the DJ booth years later at Austin’s grooviest new station Sun Radio. As she says “The next best thing to actually playing music is getting to listen to & play other musicians’ music for people. Best day job ever.”

Gabe Reynolds | Afternoons 3-7pm and Sundays

Gabe Reynolds has been coming to Austin since 1995 and is thrilled to finally call it home.  He’s worked in radio for over 25 years, most recently as Program Director and morning show host of WFXH in Savannah, GA.  When not at work chances are you can find him checking out a band or hanging out at a local brewery.  Hear Gabe weekdays and Sundays from 3 to 7.

Ben Bethea | Tuesday-Friday 7-11pm and Saturday 3-7pm

Ben Bethea is a born and raised Texan based out of San Marcos and Luling, Texas. His musical tastes range far and wide into many different musical types, but his love for rock ‘n roll triumphs it all.

Catch Ben nights on Sun Radio!

Nancy Holt | Tuesday-Friday 11pm-1am and Saturday 10am-3pm

A native Texan and Austinite for 37 years, Nancy was in Radio and Advertising through all of the 90’s and into the new millennium, before making a departure. She always hated being away from music and was waiting for the right thing to happen. Happen it did, with Sun Radio. Sun Radio plays music for the people and for the passionate music aficionado. This is right up Nancy’s alley. She is glad to call Sun Radio home now.

Mark Murray – Sundays 10am-3pm

After more than 25 years forecasting the weather on Austin television, Mark Murray has found a new home at Sun Radio! Mark has always been a big supporter of our local music scene and is thrilled to be back on the radio! In fact, Mark’s first career was as a DJ back in the late 70s and 80s. So, it’s all come full circle!

Because of his passion for both weather and the blues, Sun Radio’s Kevin Connor gave Mark the nickname, Lightnin’! It stuck! Join Mark Sundays 10am-3pm on Sun Radio.

Chris Mosser | Saturday & Sundays 7pm-12am

Chris Mosser has been a staple in the Austin broadcasting landscape and live music scene since 1993. Chris has rolled through much of the Austin radio dial over that time, from KLBJ-FM, to KVET-FM where he pioneered the Texas Music program “The Roadhouse”, to KGSR and lots more. Chris has also spent time as a pro musician, picking up an Austin Music Award in 2000 as part of the local metal outfit Human (he’s a little less angry these days). Hear Chris every Saturday from 7pm-12am and Sundays 12-5pm as a part of our “Off The Grid” programming.

David Arnsberger – “Texas Radio Live” and “Pioneers Of Sun Radio”

David Arnsberger has been involved with keeping Austin “weird” for almost 40 years. He was a founding member of the notorious Uranium Savages. He created, produced and directed Spamarama for 25 years. He was the host of the Lone Star All Star Texas Music Review on KSSR (now KGSR) and the Texas Rock and Roll Review on KPEZ. He was involved in artist relations with Austin City Limits for 15 years.

He not only knows Texas music, he knows a whole lot of the folks that make it. Now, he brings you the very best of Texas music on the Texas Radio Live show every Wednesday from 7-8pm and Pioneers Of Sun Radio every Friday at 7pm and Monday, Wednesday & Sunday at noon.

Mike Buck – “Blue Monday” Mondays 7-9pm

Fort Worth native, Mike Buck, has been part of the Austin music scene since 1977. As a drummer he has played locally and toured internationally with legendary Texas bands such as the Fabulous Thunderbirds, LeRoi Brothers, Doug Sahm and many more.

Between travelling with various bands and co-owning Antone’s Record Shop, Buck has amassed an impressive record collection of Blues, RnB, Rock N Roll and other roots music all of which can be heard on Blue Monday, every Monday night 7-9pm CT.

He started in radio periodically filling in for Larry Monroe on his original Blue Monday program and Paul Ray on Twine Time.

Buck first met Blue Monday founder Larry Monroe in 1981 and the two quickly became friends spending many hours talking about and listening to music together. He is honored and proud to join Sun radio and carry on Larry Monroe’s legendary Blue Monday program.

Ed Miller – “Across The Pond” Sundays 4-5pm on KDRP

A native of Edinburgh, Ed Miller first came to the USA for “a year or so” to do graduate work at the University of Texas. Now, over 40 years later, he is still based in Austin and travels throughout North America entertaining and educating audiences with his wonderful songs and droll stories.

For the past 16 years, he has expanded his activities into leading folksong-based tours to Scotland to meet the singers and hear the songs “on location.”(see the ‘Folksong Tours’ section of his web page) Ed is probably best known in Austin as the longtime host of “Folkways” on KUT-FM. He first DJ’d a late night folk show in the early 1970’s, which later became a Saturday morning Austin institution.

In 2009, “Folkways” became a largely American folk music show allowing Ed to concentrate his knowledge of Irish, Scottish & English music in a new program, “Across the Water.” Ed’s contribution to Sun Radio’s underlying “roots” focus will be a show that musically crisscrosses the Atlantic, showing how much American music grew from Celtic and British origins, took root in this country and developed in different forms which in turn have flowed back to the Isles to influence singers and musicians there. All this and a lot more on Sun Radio’s “Across the Pond.”

Stream KDRP & Across The Pond here!

Jim Swift – “Porch Radio” Sundays 8-9am | Saturdays 10-11am on KDRP

Jim Swift is best known for his 36-years as a reporter on KXAN with his weekly “On The Porch” reports. Since his retirement from KXAN in 2013, Jim soon came onboard with Sun Radio with “Porch Radio”, a thematic musical program exploring all the grand themes of our lives. Catch “Porch Radio” every Sunday at 10am CT on Sunday.

John Dromgoole – “Dance Halls & Last Calls” Sundays 9-10am | Saturdays 8-9pm on KDRP

John Lee Dromgoole is well known for his 35-years at KLBJ-AM with his weekly call-in show “Gardening Naturally.” He has been a regular on Central Texas Gardener’s “Backyard Basics” as well as “The Weekend Gardener” on KXAN for 20-years.

John started his radio career in high school as a DJ in Laredo, Texas. He has his own show in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico “Sonidos de la Paz” (Sounds of Peace), one of the Border Radio shows. At Texas A&I, he studied radio, television, and film. He was also a frequent guest on WOAI Radio in San Antonio. Currently, he is the owner of The Natural Gardener in Austin and founder of Lady Bug Natural Brand. John joins Sun Radio with his own blend of classic country music, local musicians and many other dance hall favorites.

Larry Monroe | “The Blue Monday Master Tapes” Mondays 9p-12am

larrymonroe forever

On January 17, 2014, Sun Radio lost one of its patriarchs with the passing of Larry Monroe.
Click here for more information about the late great Larry Monroe.

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