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Sun Radio Side Hustle

Sun Radio Side Hustle

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Introducing the Sun Radio Side Hustle!

Calling all Central Texas musicians, roadies, and sound techs: If you have a side hustle in addition to your music career- guitar lessons, dog walking, personal shopping, etc. – that helps supplement your income listen up! We are dedicating our platform to help showcase your services.

How does it work? After filling out the form, if approved, Sun Radio will list your side hustle (your other job) on our website. Throughout the duration of the program, our DJ’s will also announce Side Hustles on air.

First 100 approved applicants will receive a one-time $200 voucher towards a Sun Radio digital marketing campaign through the Sun Radio Recharge! This includes social media, on-air, and digital support.

Click the button below to apply!

Side Hustle Listings


Paula Russell, Paula Russell Band

Acting and Singing Lessons

Contact: russells@rockisland.com

Services: Virtual, Zoom and Facetime

Paula has been teaching and directing for over 40 years, offering workshop intensives, classes, private coaching and production coaching for both professionals and community groups. She is a founding member of the Austin Creative Alliance.” For more information, click here.

Animal Services

Kris Schultz, Kris Schultz Music

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Contact: krisjschultz@gmail.com

Services: In person

As co-owner of Fitpup Pet Services (with my twin sister – it’s just the two of us), I provide 20 to 30 minute walks Monday through Friday and provide drop- in pet sitting visits as available. I mostly serve Central and East Austin.” For more information, click here.


Ben Beckendorf, Bennie B Beckendorf Music

Artists and Graphic Artists

Contact: benbeckendorf@hotmail.com

Services: In person, graphic design can be virtual

“Ben Beckendorf has lived in the ‘Art World’ all his life. He is the son of nationally known Texas artist Charles Beckendorf. He does all kinds of commission paintings and drawings and personalizes each piece to the individual. He has been doing artwork for over 50 years and graphic design for 25 years; thousands of art pieces in all kinds of mediums have been completed throughout his career.”


HalleyAnna Finlay Welch, HalleyAnna Music

Fermented Foods

Contact: halleyanna@me.com

Services: In person (email for pick up options)

“I’ve been fermenting Anything and everything I can get my hands on. I love food, but more than eating it, I love COOKING IT, MAKING IT, INVENTING IT! I’m currently offering Rock Star Kimchi, Purple Urple Kraut, Mango Habanero Hot Sauce, Pants on Fire Cider and Packin’ a Punch Pickles – selling my products at the Lockhart Farmers Market.” For more information on how to buy, email HalleyAnna@me.com

Educational Training

Aaron Parks, Aaron Parks Music

Math Tutoring

Contact: Aaronmparks@gmail.com

Services:  Virtual, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo, etc.

“I have always been great at math and would help my friends and classmates with their homework in grade school. When I was a Mechanical Engineering major at UT Austin (2005-09), I was also an engineering tutor. I taught high school math for five years after that (2009-14), and have been free-lance tutoring ever since.”

Health and Wellness

Samantha Vanderslice, Otter Space Band

Assorted Health and Wellness Services

Contact: cosmicmamma@yahoo.com


“Samantha Vanderslice offers a variety of wellness services including, hypnotherapy, tarot reading and courses, bach flower remedies, metaphysical mentoring – astrology, numerology, tarot, chakras & auras, angelic work – and more. She has been an astrologer and tarot reader for over 53 years and have my doctorate in metaphysical sciences.” For more information, click here.

Mina Soto, Good Town

Anxiety and Mindset Coaching

Contact: minasoto2522@gmail.com

Services: Virtual, Zoom and phone

“As a local musician and podcast host, Mina knows the struggle of having lived with anxiety, panic, and intrusive thoughts. Mina has holistically aligned her path to relief, learned to channel anxiety into more authentic expression, and is now on a mission to do the same for her clients!

Monica Rafeedie

Crew Member: Ticketing and Runner

Contact: myplasticmary@gmail.com

Services: Virtual, Phone and text

The Plastic Mary Project is conversational medicine. Conversational medicine is the in-between medicine.  It’s what you need when you’re feeling down, but you’re not sad enough to call a therapist. She believes that consistent communication that is not always serious can heal the heart.  She hopes that you feel better, and that you learn how to do this for your friends as well, to spread health and healing through conversation.”

Home Services

Julieann Banks, Julieann Banks Music


Contact: jbankstexasrealtor@gmail.com

Services: In person

“I enjoy helping Buyers and Sellers all over Austin and the surrounding area.  For most of my life I’ve lived in, and played in and enjoyed all things South Austin, so naturally my office is located in Buda.  This area can be a great choice if you want to stay close to the vibe and heart of downtown Austin, but still want a slower-paced neighborhood feel. The best part – there are still affordable options here that I’d love to share with you.” For more information, click here.


Tiger Anaya, Tijuana TrainWreck Horns

Custom Merchandise

Contact: 512-585-0580

Services: Virtual, Phone, FaceTime, Social Media, Smoke Signal

“Need a custom mask? Got an uncle that loves Texas and wants a shirt? Let me make you a custom Mask or Shirt!  Why wear a plain ol’ mask?  Let’s put your original saying on a mask!  Masks are the Perfect EVERYDAY gift.”


Hanna Barakat, HANNA BARAKAT Music

Artist Development Services

Contact: booking@hannabarakat.com

Services: Virtual, Zoom, Facetime, Messenger Video, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.

“Assisting in registering artist’s music with their PRO’s, SoundScan, Sound Exchange, and other artist services such as copyright registration. I help artists build their social media presence (through target advertising and constant engaging content), keeping their artist platforms synced up and visually aligned (Apple Music for artists, Spotify, and the like). I create buzz reel videos, show flyers, and other graphic design offerings.”

Paul Finley, Paul Finley Music

Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, and Tenor Banjo Lessons

Contact: paul3hawks@gmail.com

Services: Virtual and In Person

“Paul Finley is a music instructor and former WI Conservatory of Music faculty and graduate with world touring experience. He teaches guitar, mandolin, bass, and tenor banjo; guitar is his primary instrument and has been teaching for over 30 years. He teaches through private lessons both in person and online. Availability is fairly flexible Monday – Friday.”

Eldar Hudiyev, Eldar Hudiyev Music

Private Violin Lessons

Contact: hudiev@yahoo.com

Services: Virtual, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime

“In the US [Eldar] has built a violin studio consisting of extraordinary students, winners of competitions, who went on to study at prestigious institutions of higher education such as Princeton University, Emory University. One of Mr. Hudiyev’s strengths is teaching Orchestral Excerpts and preparing students for Orchestral Auditions.” For more information, click here.

gfire Mayo, Gfire Music

Voice, Piano, Songwriting, and Guitar Lessons

Contact: gfiremusic@gmail.com

Services: Virtual, Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom

“I teach Sundays Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 8 PM. I offer voice lessons, piano lessons, songwriting lessons, and guitar lessons. I have been teaching singing piano guitar and songwriting for over 20 years.” For more information, click here.

Alex Hartley, Micky and the Motorcars and Slow Cooked

Piano Lessons

Contact: Hartley250@gmail.com

Services: Virtual, Zoom

“Alex Hartley is a freelance pianist and music teacher based in Austin, Texas. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, he has performed all over the country and worked abroad performing on Carnival Cruise Line ships.” For more information, click here.

Jan Seides, Jan Seides Music

Piano, Guitar, Voice, Mandolin, Ukulele, Music Theory, and Songwriting Lessons

Contact: Jan@janseides.com

Services: In person

“I use a variety of methods, and after the student reaches an adequate skill level, I am happy to tailor the lessons to whatever style and music entices them. There is a theory component woven into the lessons, so that the student will understand how a piece of music is constructed, should they feel moved to create their own.” For more information, click here.

Chris Bennett, Chris Bennett Music

Drum Lessons

Contact: chrisbennettdrum1968@gmail.com

Services: Virtual, Zoom, Skype and Facetime

“Chris Bennet has been playing the drums for over 40 years – Rock, Jazz, R&B, studio sessions, television, theater- and made the switch from part-time to full-time teaching in 1998. He teaches beginning, intermediate, and professional starting at 10 years old all the way to adult.” For more information, click here.

Krysti Subieta, Krysti and the Spirit Animals

Voice, Songwriting, Mixing, Music Theory, Guitar, Ukulele, and Clarinet Lessons

Contact: krystisubieta@gmail.com

Services: Virtual, Zoom

“Krysti is a lifelong music aficionado and certified coach who studied at the Berklee College of Music for voice.  With two original albums, over 10,000 hours of recorded material, and a deep understanding of math and physics, she can help anyone who has the desire to learn.” For more information, click here.

Anna Larson, Anna Larson/The Wheelwrights

Piano Lessons

Contact: annalarsonpiano@gmail.com

Services: Virtual, Zoom and FaceTime

“I am a long-time piano educator, serving Southwest Austin. I have availability for students, adults and children, ages 7 and above, at any experience level. I provided high quality, personalized instruction in piano, songwriting, music theory, and beginning music production/music technology.” For more information, click here.

Joe McDermott, Joe McDermott Music

Songwriting, Music Production, and Video Production

Contact: joemcdermott@sbcglobal.net
Services: In person and Virtual, Zoom

“I have 32+ years in the music industry ranging from rock bands, children’s music and many years in multi-media and video game music. I teach Songwriting, Music Production and Video Production.  All three of which I also have taught or currently teach at ACC for the last 27 years.  I have a semi-large recording studio and video production facility.” For more information, click here.

Chad Tracy, Chad Tracy Music

Guitar, Piano, and Bass Lessons

Contact: chadtracy512@gmail.com

Services: Virtual, Zoom

“I’ve been teaching for over 20 years in addition to playing live. I have a master’s degree in music from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and have been a professor of music at Bloomsburg University and University of Texas in Austin. I love to teach jazz and blues but I have taught most styles of music over the years to people of all levels.” For more information, click here.

Dan Goebel, Little Dan

“Your Life in A Song”

Contact: littledanmusic@gmail.com

Services: Virtual

“Your Life in A Song is basically songs made to order. People have been buying songs for their spouses, dogs, bands, kids, tragedies in life, dark times-good times, you name it. Someone just ordered a song that is about skydiving and calling their mother; I absolutely love it. Spending time with people’s stories is so precious and it’s truly meaningful to me.” For more information, click here.

Steve Smith, Crew/Engineer

Live Streaming

Contact: secretsteveaudio@gmail.com

Services: In person

“Steve Smith offers professional-grade camera, live real-time switching video streaming with digital broadcast audio mix services. He has over 10 years of experience and has recently leaned heavily into providing streaming for musicians who are also struggling this year.”

Health and Wellness:

Jennifer Lindsey, Jennifer B & the Groove

Skin Dreams: Organic skincare

Contact: jenniferbmusic2@gmail.com

“My body butters are charged with different frequencies as I make them, example; 528hz is the healing frequency, the love frequency. From the start to finish of any of my body butter creations, I play these frequencies and allow my products to be charged with this healing and beautiful energy.” For more information, click here.

Misha Ben-David

Neshema Counseling: Addiction Counseling

Contact: Rabbimisha@Outlook.com

Services: Virtual, Telehealth

“I am a licensed counselor, a certified life coach, A certified Hypnotherapist and an ordained Rabbi. I have been counseling people for almost 29 years. I am an addiction specialist, but I have been trained to treat anger issues, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and relationship troubles.” For more information, click here.

Landscape and Garden:

Sidney Stephens, Sidney Stephens Music

Polly Dog: Landscaping and Organic Pest Control

Contact: pollydogland@gmail.com

Services: In person

“PollyDog Landscapes is a landscape design, consultation, and lawn and garden care company specializing in the planning and organic care of native and drought tolerant landscapes for the Austin Hill Country since 2005. PollyDog currently provides services to the Hill Country communities along the south shore of Lake Travis; including Spicewood, Briarcliff, Lakeway, Bee Caves, and Westlake.” For more information, click here.

Graphic Design, Brand Development, and Marketing:

Chris Sensat, Chris Sensat Music

Graphic Design/UX/UI Design

Contact: csensat@gmail.com

Services: In Person

“Chris is a graphic designer and has been the lead designer on projects for HP, IBM, Cisco, Dell and Emerson to name a few… With more than a decade of design experience, he still grows with the ever-changing landscape and strives to design with high principles.” For more information, click here.


Wendy Colonna, Wendy Colonna Music

Brand Anthem Development

Contact: wendy@wendycolonna.com
Services: Virtual, Zoom

“We work with leaders & teams to collaboratively create anthems that inspire a thriving culture around their organization & brand. The Lyriculture Experience™ is a culture-boosting, team-building workshop & signature brand song in one!” For more information, click here.

Robert Watts, Robert Watts Creations

Video and Website Production

Contact: robertwattsatx@gmail.com, 512-560-4426

Services: Virtual, Email, Drop Box, We Transfer.

“After a few years of doing videos and websites for These Fine Moments, I’m offering my knowledge and experience to other artists and musicians working on a budget, and in need of a quick turn-around. For musician’s websites, I will work with you one-on-one in selecting fonts, styles, layout and desired features to get your music out there for people to watch, listen and buy.”

Bill Small, The Mystiqueros/Bill Small Music

Business and Personal Coaching

Contact: artist@artistmind.co

Services: Virtual, Phone and Video Conference, as well as online courses

“I’ve been coaching and training people for 20 years. In 2008 I began working with clients in their businesses, and have helped 100’s of small business owners become more successful and fulfilled in their business lives.” For more information, click here.


Steve Larsen, Wonderbred from Scorpio Rising

Vintage Resale

Contact: Online

Services: Virtual

“I have been selling quality used and vintage items that past year, it was taking all my afternoons! I travel to specific thrift stores in Austin Texas and pick thought all the items; I have a good eye for the valuable items. I invest in novelty vintage toys, clothes, games, jewelry, records, and more.” For more information, click here.

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