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Rodney Crowell returns to Texas

Rodney Crowell returns to Texas

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Legendary songwriter and recording artist Rodney Crowell brought his guitar and a vinyl copy of his new album, Texas, to Sun Radio recently for a session with Kevin Connor on A Hill Country Saturday. The album arrives with the full moon on August 15th, and continues Rodney’s exploration of his home state and his life in it as he has done with albums like The Houston Kid and KIN. Rodney has lived away from Texas for more than 40 years, although he performs here often. “The little bit of distance that I’ve had,” he says, “has allowed me to come at it rather objectively…and with humor and compassion for myself and for the culture at the time that I grew up. So, with Texas I think it’s come full circle.” In this conversation, you’ll hear two new songs from Texas, including Rodney’s last co-write with his good friend Guy Clark, as well as a fine pair of in-studio performances.

And here’s Part 2 of the conversation, featuring three more songs from Texas, which aired on August 17th, with Rodney explaining how you need to give songs and albums the time to let you know what it is they want to be.

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