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Sun Radio Recharge

Sun Radio Recharge

Monday, 22 February 2021

Sun Radio Recharge: The Sun Radio Recharge program encapsulates all the Sun Radio Foundation’s outward giving initiatives. During times of crisis or great need, through this program, the foundation is able to provide immediate financial relief to the community. Starting in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic to date, the Sun Radio Recharge has served over 1,000 Central Texans and donated roughly over $128,000 back to the community. In just one year, the foundation has raised over $270,000 towards these initiatives and plans to continue to provide immediate support during tumultuous times. 


Summer Of Giving: The Sun Radio Recharge returned in Summer 2021 to once again offer relief to Central Texas musicians in deferring the costs of their electricity bills.

Severe Winter Storm Relief: Following the severe winter storms that plagued Central Texas, the Sun Radio Foundation quickly shift gears and utilized the Sun Radio Recharge program to distribute roughly 500, $100 checks back to community members who were deeply affected by the inclement weather. Just five days after kick-off, the foundation poured over $50,000 back into the community.


COVID-19 Relief: The Sun Radio Recharge in its inception was designed to help defer the costs of electricity bills for Central Texas musicians and community radio stations nationwide. Over the course of a year, the foundation has supported over 500 local artists and non-commercial stations all over the U.S.

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About The Sun Radio Foundation

About the Sun Radio Foundation: Sun Radio is a nonprofit 501c(3) charitable organization for the Arts. The Sun Radio Foundation’s mission is to preserve the heritage of Texas music with a minimal impact on the environment. Sun Radio creates and distributes solar-powered radio programming to owned and operated, as well as non-commercial, member stations with a focus on saving local community radio. We help foster new radio broadcasting careers for the residents of the Texas hill country and provide 24/7, free, local radio for the communities we serve. Proceeds are used to provide relief to local musicians, expand local programming, create resident jobs, support other non-profit radio stations, broadcast Central Texas musicians and events, and fund new capital projects designed to increase our coverage area.. The Sun Radio Foundation is a 2021 Guidestar Platinum Charity.

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