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Water Tips From ABC Home & Commercial Plumbing

Water Tips From ABC Home & Commercial Plumbing

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Sun Radio’s Kevin Connor spoke this morning with Mike Marugo from ABC Home & Commercial Plumbing about a handful of quick tips folks can use when dealing with freezing pipes:

  1. Wait out with what water you have. When the weather breaks up and starts thawing, check your pipes.

  2.  If your pipes are broken, shut your water main off. If you’re a private residence, your water main can be located by the curb. If you live in Austin, you will have a dinner-plate sized metal lid by the curb. If you live close to your neighbor, there will be two water valves located inside: One for you and one for your neighbor. You can shut your water main off with a meter key, pliers or a wrench.

  3. If you don’t have any water damage, leave your water main on.

  4. It is recommended to continue to let your water run for as many faucets as possible, even if water isn’t coming through. If your water is off, go ahead and open up as many faucets as possible. You want as many places for the pressure to go as possible, so when pipes start to freeze, the pressure has the ability to push things out of the way before things start to stay in one spot, expand and cause issues.

Listen to Kevin Connor’s entire conversation with Mike Marugo below:

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