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Sun Radio Shines On Earth Day

Sun Radio Shines On Earth Day

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Happy Earth Day everyone! Sun Radio is solar-powered and supports clean energy initiatives. All the work we do, we try and do with as little harm to the Earth as possible. We provide electric, hybrid vehicles or high MPG vehicles as an alternative source of transportation to some of our employees who may have an automobile with less than desirable emissions or gas mileage standards.

Most importantly: Enjoy the best music under the sun 100% clean with no additives!

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The Sun Radio Foundation and it’s solar partners have installed over 125,000 watts of clean energy solar panels (and green energy offsets) at our tower site in Westlake and new studios in Austin (see below), with the goal of all of the Sun Radio affiliates to be powered with green energy sources by 2025.

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Visit our “Green Leaders” page to see our business supporters green initiatives!

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