Specialty Programs

Sun Radio is proud to present some of the best specialty shows on radio!

  • Pioneers of Sun Radio with David Arnsberger – Various times through out the week

  • (The New) Blue Monday with Mike Buck – Monday 7-9pm

  • Blue Monday Master Tapes with Larry Monroe – Monday 9pm-12am
    Part of the Larry Monroe Archives Program

  • Behind The Lines with Doug Moreland, Jomo Edwards, Beau Smith, and Stoney Gable – Sunday 12pm

    • Doug Moreland, Jomo Edwards, Stoney Gabel and Beau Smith gather each week at Doug’s chainsaw art gallery in downtown Manchaca, Texas to bring you an in-depth, unique and entertaining show that explores the stories behind the songs and songwriters we all know and love. This show takes a laid-back and conversational approach to storytelling, with the hosts throwing caution and radio scripts to the wind. Learn more at www.DougMoreland.com or Behind The Lines Facebook Page
  • Texas Radio Live with David Arnsberger and Friends – Wednesday 6-8pm

  • Dance Halls and Last Calls with John Dromgoole – Wednesdays 8pm, Sunday 1pm

  • Bridge Radio with Carlton Dillard – Sunday 10am

  • River Girl Radio with Kelley Mickwee – Sunday 11am

  • eTown – Sunday 5pm

  • Porch Radio with Jim Swift – Sunday 6pm

  • Across The Pond with Ed Miller – Sunday 7-9pm

  • Phil Music Program with Larry Monroe – Sunday 9pm-12am, part of the Larry Monroe Archives Program


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