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Sun Radio’s Earth Week 2021

Sun Radio is a solar-powered radio station committed to providing 24/7 free music to our community with as little impact on the environment as possible. To celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd), Sun Radio is calling on likeminded organizations for a week of sustainability tips and educational interviews highlighting revolutionary thinkers who make conscious efforts to preserve our planet! Sun Radio is only partnering with green businesses to support this initiative.

Everyday beginning Monday, April 19th through the 23rd, Sun Radio will highlight a new covenant of sustainability, sharing five :60 second Earth Week Updates at 8am, 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm CT that encourage our listeners to integrate into their daily lives.

Earth Week Update | Friday, April 23rd | Solar Power

Humans use a whole lot of energy every day here on planet Earth. And some of those energy sources are not going to last forever. But we happen to have one incredible source that can give us renewable energy every single day here…the sun! We cannot run out of solar energy (at least not for 5 billion years according to scientists) and here are some other great benefits of harnessing its power: you can reduce your electric bill and there is also a possibility to receive payments for the surplus energy that you export back to the grid! Solar energy can be used to produce electricity in areas without access to the energy grid, to distil water in regions with limited clean water supplies and to power satellites in space. Solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance either, so they are a great long-term investment. And as we recently learned here in Texas, getting your power from the sun comes in quite handy during a winter storm when the power grid fails! Sun Radio is proud to be a solar-powered radio station, powering the best music under the sun!

Plus, the best “green” music under the sun! Additionally, on Sun Radio’s YouTube channel, local organizations will be interviewed that have revolutionized new ways to decrease the carbon footprint in our community.

Earth Week 2021 is a fundraiser to support the Sun Radio Foundation to raise money to repair Sun Radio’s solar panels that were damaged in the February snow storms (see below.)

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